SNL - All of Stefon’s New York’s Hottest Clubs

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“Looks never bothered [Tina]. That was never her thing. Instead of, ‘Oh, I don’t look right’, or, ‘my hair looks weird’, it was always, ‘are the jokes funny?’ But she looked perfect so she never had to worry about it.”
- Jimmy Fallon.

“I felt very loyal to Jimmy, I felt like we had a comedy marriage.” 
- Tina Fey.

“[Jimmy and Tina] had some sexual tension - I like to think that Tina and I had doubled the sexual tension.”
- Amy Poehler.

“The hard part would be imagining [doing Update with] anyone other than Amy Poehler. She was my closest friend on the show, and she steers the ship very well.”
- Seth Meyers. 

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The televised evolution of Tina Fey.


*They wanted an Update reunion, so we gave them one that would bring the masses to tears*

And here are tonight’s top stories.

Weekend Update top Amy Poehler’s stories

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